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Why Model-Based Systems Engineering with CORE

Are you losing valuable man-hours to the manual upkeep of systems engineering information? Taking the leap to model-based systems engineering with CORE offers a much better alternative.

What is the model-based systems engineering approach?

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE), like any modeling approach, requires a methodology, a modeling notation and a model database.

The use of a good methodology is not unique to model-based systems engineering. Without a good methodology even a document-centric approach cannot be successful.

However, the biggest benefits of model-based systems engineering lie in the modeling notation and a model database.

Why model-based systems engineering?

One of the biggest problems in a document-centric approach is making sure that the mental model of the stakeholder is transferred to the system designer and in turn to the hardware / software developer. The data models and graphic notations used by model-based systems engineering tools like CORE constrain the representation of the system design to a predefined set of engineering concepts that aids common understanding.

Benefits of CORE

The CORE model database consists of a number of element classes; each with a predefined set of attributes and interconnected by a predefined set of relationships. Through these elements and their relationships, CORE supports requirements capturing and traceability, logical modeling, structural modeling, interface modeling, verification modeling and the generation of documentation from the database. Specialist classes like the risk class facilitates risk and safety management while the extendable data model supports expansion of, for example, the logic model to include elements required to support Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA). Some of the standard document templates included in CORE are the System/Segment Specification (SSS), System Design Document (SDD), and the Interface Control Document (ICD).

Having all of this information available in electronic format makes it possible to export and share system data with other tools that require similar data inputs.


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