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The CORE training and support provided by Letter27 has unlocked huge potential within our Systems Engineering team.  This has enabled us to significantly improve the model for the MeerKAT Telescope.  Letter27 have also helped us by writing customised scripts in order to generate documents straight from CORE.  They have been most professional in their support and have always offered a timely and comprehensive response to requests for assistance, which has been of great value.


Richard Lord

Senior Systems Engineer at SKA SA

Denel Dynamics chose CORE as its preferred Systems Engineering tool in large part due to the excellent support that Letter27 provides. Initial training in Core was done in person using one of our own reference problems. Customisation to our documentation requirements were done quickly and efficiently. This proved to be a large selling point in the company of Model Based System Engineering as captured in the CORE tool. Letter27 also facilitated direct access to David Long, the CEO of Vitech in the USA, that developed CORE.  This access led to excellent insights into the latest trends in the field of Systems Engineering. We are in the privileged position to be able to rely on the continuous support from Letter27 as we tackle new projects in Denel Dynamics with CORE.


Dr Gerrit Viljoen

My first exposure to CORE was quite a number of years ago in a system engineering role for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The Defence, Peace, Safety and Security (DPSS) division was at that time mostly involved in exploratory and advanced development work, very often requiring the development of equipment that would be used in scientific research. These developments were of course engineering projects requiring the application of specifically the system engineering process for the requirements analysis, design, integration, verification and validation of the equipment. At the time we were looking to find a tool that would effectively support the complete system engineering process - CORE turned out to be our tool of choice.


Although the initial procurement was not done through Letter27, much of the support during the latter 7 years of my term at the CSIR was done by them. Not only did they provide excellent tool training, but they were also instrumental in  developing a set of custom document scripts to produce all the engineering documents in the standard CSIR format. The specific project also required the rigorous management of project risks and maintaining a risk register. To this effect Letter27 contributed to the extension of the CORE data schema enabling all of the risk management to be done as part of the system design model in CORE. When running such a complex project in a tool based environment, one is naturally hesitant to do software upgrades due to the risk of unwanted behavior. Software upgrades were however handled very professionally by Letter27 and at no point were we uncomfortable with their approach to ensuring the integrity of the data.


I could honestly say that the support delivered by Letter27 and specific Cobus Scannell were always above reproach. A pleasure doing business with such a company.

Alwyn Smit

I was approached by a colleague to join as member of the Armscor team to participate in the GYSEOY 2015 challenge. The challenge included a two days principle of systems engineering seminar and a three days Core modelbased hands on seminar hosted by Cobus Scannell from Letter27, in association with Vitech Corporation. The results were excellent and the ability to integrate engineering across the team in MBSE was demonstrated through: Integrate requirements management, Model system functionality, Allocate system architecture and Trace design to Verification and Validation.


One thing I liked was Letter27 professionalism in linking the SE process through the MBSE tool CORE.I found the experience gained through the seminar very useful and are applying it currently in my working environment. I would recommend Letter27 to everybody in the SE environment who requires training or introduction to MBSE.

Morne Rapuling (B.Eng,Pr.Eng)

Manager Technical

Systems & Logistics Engineering Division


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