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Cobus Scannell

Director, MBSE facilitator and consultant.

Assisting clients to get the most from their Systems Engineering enablers through training and customisation.

Suja Joseph-Malherbe

Director and Letter27 board member.

Supporting strategy formulation and the development of strategy execution plans.


Daniël Malherbe

Director and Letter27 board member. 

Specialising in innovative technology projects, promoting new knowledge and creative solutions.

We are part of a community that is driven by learning and growth, product innovation, enterprise and systems development.

Understanding, influencing and creating any system relies on collaboration. 

Taking into account the socio, economic and technological aspects of any system  means that no one person can know everything there is to know about a system.

At Letter27 we believe systems engineering is the right approach to get people from various disciplines to collaborate so that they can find the best possible solutions to some of today's toughest challenges.


It is our mission to make the best systems engineering principles and practices available to people that work on some of the most difficult and exciting projects.

We measure our success by:

  • how well our clients deliver their solutions within technical performance, cost and schedule budgets;

  • how well people collaborate by creating, storing and updating system models of what they know and what they still need to find out;

  • and how much people appreciate the opportunities and limitations set by the socio, economic and material world when solving tough challenges.

B-BBEE Compliant

A level 2 contributor to B-BBEE  

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