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Vitech CORE: Importing CORE standard document templates

Instructions, with screenshots, to import Vitech's CORE's document templates into your current project.

Throughout our Systems engineering effort we need to be able to generate documents that represent the state of our design in real-time. We do this through document generation and specifically formal documents output directly from our Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) environment that represent the design in that instance of time.

Out of the box, Vitech Corporation's CORE is distributed with 5 standard document templates. These standard templates can be adapted via non-scripting means or customized via scripting but they provide a solid starting point for your document generation needs.

Importing the templates

Here is how to import them into your current project.

Navigate to the documents template folder which, by default, can be found in C:\ProgramFiles\Vitech\CORE 9\Reports\Formal Documentation\Document Templates. Select the “Document Templates.xml” file and click Open.

This will open up the CORE XML Import Wizard.

In step 1 simply click next.

In step 2 make sure to select the “Import Into Project” radio button and then select the project you want to import into from the drop down list.

In step 3 you will be warned that you are trying to import data into a project that already contains data. This is exactly what we want to do so feel free to click on Import.After a few second you will receive a message that the import has completed and that no conflicts were detected.

Well done!

You have successfully imported the CORE standard document templates into your project. You will need to do this for every project in which you want to use the standard document templates.


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