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Suja Joseph-Malherbe

I am a Letter27 board member. I am involved in strategy formulation and the development of the execution plans for the organization.  


We strive to be impactful through our services when we serve our current and future clients; and in the knowledge we share, due to our passion for engineering systems. 


We acknowledge that one of the most important roles we play is that of a communicator, for example, between the team responsible for the system concept and the development team, the project team and the user. Using a model-based approach to systems engineering provides a way to express systems and sub-systems so that the design can easily be shared between design teams. 

Model-Based Systems Engineering

B-BBEE Compliant

Letter27 - Imagine It(Pty) Ltd  

A level 2 contributor to B-BBEE  

Certificate No    :EME/003/07/05/2015

Expiry date        :06/05/2016

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